Friday, 3 December 2010

December 2010

Weather is a feature of the day - just been for a walk around the area where i live . The snow has remained heavily iced on the ground - just like the icing on a frozen Gateux!

Am mustering up the will to brave my studio to continue my experiments with my light sculptures/mobiles ....

Here you can see the work I began before the cold weather began ....including a video of the sculpture complete with projections filmed in january 2011...
...Continuing work from the winter season of developing 3D work in a sculptural context towards next year`s exhibition with Eric Morse ...
I created a vertically positioned sculpture over the weekend ....which are based on `astral forms` - an exploration of light shape ,space and colour exploring abstract qualities of human experience in this realm and beyond the immediate?
The forms use plastics , and wood etc to make a moveable piece that at this stage needs further exploration to possibly animate somehow but here are the current results anyway....
The sculptures reflect the human form in some respects if one were to view the energy fields withthe naked eye , or are they internalised forms of the environment experienced ....the work continues to unfold....?
      2ND SEPTEMBER 2011
More work on the light sculptures in the last few week strialing different combinations of shape form, colour and lighting - the results speak for themselves see some of the images of the developing work ...

December 2012
The original Light Sculpture is now on view in the current cmr exhibition in redruth
here are some images and current videos from that exhibition too;


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